Girl Crush


I have two ‘I wouldn’t normally confess to loving these women‘ women. Kendra Wilkinson has always had my respect and more recently, I’ve realized Chrissy Teigan is pretty f%^&ing cool. I don’t know a lot about these celebrities, don’t seek them out and don’t consider myself a ‘fan’, but every time I see a reality show with Kendra or tweet from Chrissy – they get my admiration and respect. They’re real. They’re honest and open. They believe in the good. And they’ve been through some shit.

Chrissy Teigan tweeted recently that she felt her drinking was too much and decided to stop for a bit.  It was beyond a confession or label –  it was more like, ‘hey, my intuition is telling me I need to pay attention, alcohol is creating an icky feeling for me and I need to remove it from my life so I can explore this.’

She’s telling her story, she’s on a journey. Respect.  This was brave, courageous and honest; so honest that it made a lot of people uncomfortable.  Chrissy got shit on by some really fucked up people.


To them I say, Listen Up:

You’re ignorant (that means stupid).  Not school stupid, but morally stupid.  Let me tell you why:

You had your beliefs handed to you before you ever had the desire to understand – you learnt it, you went through your rituals, you belonged to something, you believed in something but you never asked why. You never went on the journey of understanding. Like the customary wave when you pass someone hiking or jogging, if you’re really doing the work, you acknowledge the other person is on a quest. Respect.

A lot of rituals were created by really awesome beings who identified the core things in nature and life that humans seek. If we just play out the rituals without the journey – things can look bleak and prescribed and confining to some while making others feel righteous and preachy.

If we go live our life and have our moment and seek to understand how we are feeling – this can be a moment of enlightenment and beauty. This is evolution. Spiritual texts are observations, experiences, and stories experienced by an enlightened few. These humans sought understanding, they did WORK and they wanted to share their journey to understanding – not to save you from having to do the work yourself, but to help you on the path once you’re there. When you seek, you shall find. You are not seeking. You are hiding.   You can’t hide under the holey, cracked tarp of religion as you spread your hate..


Obviously, Chrissy’s comments made some people very uncomfortable. Someone saying publicly that they are going to give drinking a rest is to them  a confession of full-blown alcoholism, a weakness. No – it is exactly what she said it is, actually.

Believe people’s stories when they tell them to you.


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