Jolie Laide – 30 Years Later

An earlier post described an experience of snooping where I discovered a journal entry describing me as Jolie Laide.    I was fifteen.  As an empath, I don’t worry about what other people are thinking as much as I absorb so I was able to process what I was feeling.  Those few seconds were a crucial moment in my life – I made a decision.  I was Jolie Laide and I was cool with it.  It was his word, his story and I understood that I wasn’t supposed to see it.  It was a private journal.

If this had happened on Facebook, can you imagine what a different story this would be?      I’m willing to bet if there was any doubt of my supreme beauty -I would have been described as ugly by him today. The guy was a dick –  that is why Jolie-Laide surprised me.  With an online following, people are simplifying and reducing everything they see to an extreme point of view.

We need to get our words back, we need to stop trolling and start thinking about what we see and share our observations.  I use my words to express my meaning – if it makes you uncomfortable, that is not on me.  I’m not going to reduce my language to extremes for understanding. The beauty of seeing and living is in the gray.  Where you can see both sides from a distance and understand it all.

Hi, I’m Julie and I believe in the in-between and I am on a mission to make your days more gray!




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