The Rancid Nut at The Parfait Cafe

Magical happenings
Moments shared and captured
Acceptance no judgment
but then some static
Really annoying static that sounds Like
the smell of sesame oil or
the taste of Biting into that rancid pine nut
So bitter, the taste stayed on my tongue for days

It is silent now
But I hear the noise.
I’d like to be talking over it.
But I refuse to yell
Oh Nuts…here we go again.

I don’t eat pine nuts
Or Brazil nuts
I was told they were ‘nigger toes’
When I was a Child
and that bothered
me so much
I dared repeat it
To test it out
to release it
Maybe if I say it out loud
It won’t sound so bad
It did

I didn’t like your laugh
It struck me as crude
As you popped
One in your
Mouth while staring wide into my eyes.

I like the greasy Spanish peanuts
with their red salty skins trying to cling for dear life
and Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup
and a banana, damnit.
Sliced Lengthwise
Maybe a little fluff and
a formaldehyde soaked cherry.
Spare me the Acai shit I can’t say

The perfect parfait
The buffet of choices
A never ending quest
That always ends
in my craving a banana split


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