The Advance

Eyes locked

Hands shook

We all met Unsure.

Unsure has a lot to teach us about who we aren’t and what we don’t want

He has a strong grip.

But you’re here and very brave. The first step of the Hero’s Journey.


We are not our stories

We are the ones telling it

Those boxes we bury deep inside are treasures

Filled with currency of the past.

It has no value.

But it did once, so look at the coins, feel the weight, trace your fingers over the grooves and feel the history they hold.

Are they light? Heavy? Hollow inside?

Do they need polish, a scrape to get off the goo?

That’s Fine.

But when you’re done, don’t put the box back where you found it.

Bury it in the sand

Leave it for someone else to find.


You are here now.

Boundaries make people feel safe

Here you can explore space, time, reality.

You are the joy, the pain, the sadness and the light.

We are all mirrors for each other.

But we need help.

The deflections

The reflections

The reactions

The shadows looming behind

That menacing maniacal laugh

Our natures help us through.


Keep that fire going for those that need to ignite, to burn, to catch the light.

The protector, the watcher, the listener, the herald.

The Egyptian servant boy.

I knew who you were the moment I saw you.

I knew where you were with my eyes closed.

I opened my eyes right as the flames peaked in their dance.

Your eyes pulled me in, where you looked, I looked

I saw what I needed to see .

You attracted me. You served.


Monkey birds fly through the trees. Goats run past unseen.

Did you catch it? The hyena laugh, the howling at the moon?

We are animals. Spit, phlegm, shit, words.

Just get it out so you can see

You built this with your heart.

Your house will never fall though it may get polluted and dirty.

Your work will never be done though it will probably suck for a bit.

Where we breed expectations, you breed experience.

We play while you pay for it with your stress.

You are building something magnificent.

You put a lot of thought into where to build the bridges and the stairs.

You’ll know when it’s time to lay the gravel on the road.


Get it out. Scream. Cry.

The breeze will carry it out and through.

The sounds carry and give strength to us all.

We are not alone.

The stars are ours to name. To create.

The clouds will cover the sun just enough for us to miss it.

The sun will go down

And we’ll do it all again tomorrow.

You listened, encouraged us to let go.

You collected and cleared the energy Then brought it home to your beautiful baby boy.

What a lucky boy he is.

You are the breeze.


Look me in the eyes.

See my power, respect.

You crest, stand tall and proud, yet bow to fill my cup.

You are strong and fierce.

Soft and lapping.

To be met with

Direct and swift


We are all right. Always.

Don’t apologize.

Claim your space among the elements.

Grab your captains chair, Your mindshades, Your ear plugs

Know when to take them off,

When to stand , When to meet, When to speak.

But here’s the funny thing

This is the shit you’ll never know the answer to

Or exactly when to do

It isn’t a question that can be answered.

No matter how many drugs you take

Books you read

Shrinks you see

Questions you ask

It is simply time to be.

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